Why consider SSM?

Why should you consider SSM? For five simple reasons:

  1. We make it easy to work with us.
  2. There is no cost or risk to you during the discovery phase.
  3. You benefit from our knowledge and partners’ expertise.
  4. We provide strategic business developement expertise
  5. We are industry agnostic, with proven success in diverse industries.

SSM invites you to initiate contact for any project needing consulting expertise or simply being connected globally with the best solution providers.

Click here to input project related information where help is required about you and your company.

We make it easy to work with us

There are no multi-layers and therefore no delays in working with us. We work in small expert teams that help you collect vital information that is used in the analysis of your current situation. This is a critical step that helps to determine if you could benefit from our assistance.

There is no cost or risk in the evaluation phase

On multiple occasions SSM has worked with clients to help them better understand their own strengths and weaknesses. This is a complementary service which provides value and strengthens relationship with the client.

We bring the right exposure

Working in international markets requires a unique understanding of customs and cultures not to say anything of the modes of doing business. SSM and its partners have this unique understanding by having worked in the different regions of the world.

In our experience we have found that gathering all available data is the best way to develop a strategy for the future. Of course not all data will be available and some will be very fluid. It is in these areas that we can fill in the blanks with our experience.

Agnostic of industry

SSM believes that soft skills are the relevant ingredient to success. The technical skills for the most part already exist within the company. Usually it’s the negotiations or finding the right channel or truly understanding what keeps the clients happy and the reasons for their loyalty, that makes the difference. We have worked on several projects in a variety of industries to utilize these soft skills to the advantage of our clients.