SSM has provided consulting, sales management and business development expertise to a variety of companies in many different industries. Following is a snapshot of some of the companies and projects that SSM has worked with since inception:

Trinity Technologies
SharePoint Service Provider
Secure Documents and National ID programs
Authentication Industries
Secure documentation – Passports, Driver Licenses, Access Cards
Green energy – Solar, Kinetic, Wind
Boston Global Inc
Mobile technology
NuWatt Energy
Solar energy
Global Engineering & Consulting Company

Strategic consulting

Trinity Technology

Trinity Technologies

In 2012 SSM provided strategic consulting services to Trinity technologies, a share point company wanting to expand its foot print in the industry. The SSM white paper presented to Trinity's management team outlined a thorough analysis of various options related to acquiring another company in the same field or merging with a company that would afford their customers the continuity they desired. The paper explored areas related to:

  • Market segmentation
  • Geographical distribution
  • Vertical industry segments
  • Growth potential under each of the above mentioned options

Trinity Technologies was a leader in the Documentum sector and a consulting partner in the energy sector known for their integration experience for utilities, specifically between Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAM). Their integration was typically customized to either have a document defined in the EAM and pushed Documentum or defined in Documentum and pushed EAM. Multiple clients have also used some of their CAD integration approaches as well.

As a select service provider, Trinity was subcontracting to EMC. Once a decision to expand its footprint was determined it was a matter of natural progression to purse this option.

Secure Documents and National Identification Programs


In 2013, SSM partnered with Currency Partnership International (CPI-MS) to win Chile's National ID and Driver License program. CPI-MS is a privately held company focused on banknote, coin, secure paper, identity, and cash processing businesses. CPI-Ms has offices in the U.S, Ireland, Russia, and Mexico, with local representatives in additional markets.

CPI-Ms provides market entry and sales for a variety of world-class security document printers, and related hardware and software manufacturers. CPI´s expertise is in bringing to market the best solution for customers through systems and process integration. In pursuit of this objective, CPI-Ms partnered with SSM to tap on our expertise and network in the system integration industry to seek out, negotiate a partnership agreement and execute the production of National I.D’s for Chile.

SSM interviewed and negotiated with several system integrators before selecting Valid S.A a well-known system integrator in Brazil for the project. The project was successfully delivered in 2014.

Medical product distribution



In 2012, SSM partnered with Ko-Tech to establish a network for a consumable product in the medical device industry.

Ko-Tech is a boutique consulting firm and helps companies in their most mission critical projects. Ko- Tech focuses on various industries such as Construction, Energy, Healthcare, Media, Publishing, Textiles, etc.

A decision to enter a new market is rife with uncertainty. Ko-Tech mitigates the uncertainties of new market entry for its client’s international market penetration. Failure by senior management to consider and articulate the intended expansion vehicles can result in the hoped-for entry’s being seriously delayed, being unnecessary costly or stalled. Ko-Tech and SSM share this vision and have partnered to do the best for each customer and represent their interest no different from how we represent our own interest. This strategic partnership has led us to counsel clients and market development managers in such diverse industries as clean energy and the medical supplies market.

Mobile Technology

Boston Global Ic

SSM has partnered with Boston Global Inc. to develop a distribution network for refurbished cell phones in Asia, Europe and South America .

BGI is a wholesale technology distributor of products such as Notebooks, Tablet PCs, and other portable devices. BGI was founded in 2012 with the mission to find the right buying opportunities in a time sensitive market.

BGI buys the products from suppliers and SSM is working with country development managers in three continents to meet the demand for such consumables. BGI organizes premium-shipping services that guarantees delivery within 2-3 business days.

As wholesalers Boston Global and SSM supply the products in volume to the Country Development Managers (CDM). We provide the best price available to us and our margins are included in the price given to CDMs who since they know their country best, can price the product to what the market can bear.

Clean Energy

NuWatt and Environ.


SSM and Ko-Tech have partnered with Ramboll to work with several states to offer to offer the advantages of renewable energy. The States have indicated interest in developing our idea and at some point in commercializing the concept.

SSM, Ko-Tech & Ramboll have partnered with Nu-Watt Energy, a solar distributor and installer of photo-voltaic panels in both the commercial as well as private market. The RAMBOLL-Environ merger has made RAMBOLL a powerhouse in the clean energy space. Their 12,300 consulting engineers, scientists, designers and management consultants are committed to creating sustainable and long-term solutions for the end user customers as well as society in general.

Nu-Watt has a highly qualified team of project integration professionals, engineers with deep knowledge in the renewable energy and construction management industry and an absolute commitment to customer satisfaction. NuWatt's concentration on long-term relationships and on maximum attention to client's particular needs and goals matches the vision that SSM has as its philosophy.

NuWatt's professionals have a combined experience of more than 100 quality solar installations in the Northeast and has strategic supply-side partnerships with high-quality solar photovoltaic module manufacturers. All four partners are passionate about green power and for delivering superior value relating to your solar project's needs.

BioFuel technology


ImmunotreX engaged the services of Ko-Tech and SSM to seek a buyer of its technology through a Memorandum of Understanding in April 2015.

Immunotrex Biologics was founded in 2009 by Dr. Syed K. Hasan. ImmunotreX's objective is to develop innovative diagnostic and therapeutic products to bridge the gap between biomedical R & D efforts and significant unmet healthcare needs.

Our first order of business was to work with ImmunotreX to develop a short and concise "market sheet" that gave a two page snapshot of the product and its competitive advantage. SSM provided enhanced value developing a 'technical paper' which talked about the product, and how it could be financially rewarding to a potential off-shore investor. The concept of crowd-funding was explored for the subcontinent of India as the majority of the funding could be provided by the Indian government.